The Business of Teaching Sewing bookThe Business of Teaching Sewing 
Printable and Editable Business Forms

This set of business forms is for owners of The Business of Teaching Sewing book. It is provided to save you the time and expense of creating your own promotional and support materials.

Forms for your internal use are ready to use as is by printing the PDFs, or they may be edited and modified in Word to meet your needs. On forms that will go to others for marketing or business use, add your business name, logo (if you have one) plus your address, phone number, email address and Web site.

Download these zipped files by clicking the links below. You can choose from PDFs or Word documents.



These zipped files include the following documents:

• My Business Plan
Class Interest Sign-up
Class Sign-up
Getting Started Countdown
Industry Contacts
Market Research Form
Self-Evaluation Form
Sewing Experience Analysis
Sponsor Evaluation of Class and Teacher
Student Questionaire
Evaluation of Student
Student Evaluation of Class and Teacher
Teaching Agreement
Arrangements Checklist
Sponsor/Class Information Card