Teacher Knows Sewing Books Best

When it comes to choosing the best sewing book for students, we know how difficult it can be to select just the right one. That’s why we have consulted sewing teachers around the country to find out their most recommended books for sewing students. Here are the most popular books for new sewists, those looking for fashion designs and home decor, and those who want to work professionally.

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Beginner Sewing Books

Painless Sewing bookFor those just beginning their journey with sewing, our teachers recommend this book Mother Pletsch’s Painless Sewing with Pretty Pati’s Perfect Pattern Primer by Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch. This book offers tips to help beginners get great results quickly. It details fabric selection, proper cutting technique, shaping guides, and how to approach fittings. This version also includes information about how to keep fabrics and clothing in top condition, which ensures a long life for your handmade treasures.




Books Teach Children How to Sew

Teaching Young Children to Sew Manual and VideoFor children, we recommend The Winky Cherry System of Teaching Young Children to Sew Books and Sewing Kits by Winky Cherry. This complete set starts children as young as five years old in learning how to do sewing by hand, embroider, and use a sewing machine. Each book contains a shopping list for a project and detailed guides to help children complete a sewing or embroidery project on their own. We love that this series is designed to help children learn social skills, manners, and discipline in the process of sewing. It’s a complete learning experience for the child.



Fashion Sewing Books About Fitting Patterns

spiral bound version of Fit for Real People
Spiral bound book version of Fit for Real People

For those looking to create their fashion garments or design their own, Fit for Real People sewing book series by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto offers great insight into how to properly create clothes from any pattern. The book helps novice and experienced sewers to tailor garments as they go and make sure they fit their bodies correctly.

Pants are among the most difficult garments to make effectively, so for this type of clothing we recommend Pants For Real People — Pants Book on Fitting and Sewing by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto. This book details the process for fitting, preparing patterns, and sewing pants that will fit well and last.




spiral version of Knits for Real People
Spiral book version of Knits for Real People

For those who want to learn how to craft fashion knits, our favorite book is  sew Knits For Real People by Susan Neall and Pati Palmer. It goes in-depth into the process of fitting and sewing fashionable knit garments. Knits are an increasingly popular sewing medium and sewing comfortable, yet stylish clothes are easy when following the advice given in this book.






Home Decor Sewer Projects

book sewing home decorating projectsMany Do-it-Yourself fans enjoy sewing items for use around the home. To provide them with great information and tutorials, we love the book Creative Serging for the Home and Other Quick Decorating Ideas by Lynette Ranney Black and Linda Wisner. It contains detailed photos and step by step instructions for home projects in a variety of styles, including rustic, elegant, contemporary, and country styles. The book gives instructions for wall coverings, curtains, pillows and furniture covers, and table toppers. Beginning sewists and more experienced home decor creators can all benefit from this book’s insight.



Sewing as a Business for Sewing Teachers Publications

For those looking to make the art of sewing into a business, there are several great book options we recommend.

The Business of Teaching Sewing bookThe BUSINE$$ of Teaching Sewing by Marcy Miller and Pati Palmer gives a complete guide for those looking to teach. They outline the process of creating lesson plans and visual aids for each class, marketing, and the difficult decision of where and what to teach. Complete with reproducible handouts and business forms, this book gives master sewers all the advice they need to start their class or business.

Sew to Success! How to Make Money in a Home-Based Sewing Business gives an in-depth look at author Kathleen Spike’s success in creating a sewing business at home. The book provides insight into her journey from starting a successful home-based sewing business to becoming a top professional with an executive salary. She shares her tips for recreating her success at any level.

Bridal Sewing Instructions and Ideas

book_bridalgowns_webWhile this can fit into the fashion category as well, we recognize that many can benefit from sewing bridal dresses as a successful business. Whether you’re a bride preparing for her big day or a hopeful entrepreneur, we love the book Sew a Beautiful Wedding by Gail Brown and Karen Dillon. This book walks you through every step of the way. It has a guide to help you decide on a personal style and discover what dresses will best suit each body type. It contains helpful advice for selecting, cutting, and sewing popular bridal fabrics and delicate lace. The authors also delve deeply into the various hem styles, fasteners, and embellishments necessary on a bridal gown. It even includes a checklist to help brides make sure they are sewing on a timeline to ensure a finished dress by their wedding date.

For those looking to create wedding dresses professionally, this book gives all the insight needed for creating unique dresses for individual clients and can even lend helpful ideas for creating your line or brand.

Whatever your level of experience or your area of interest, there is a sewing book out there to help you get started. Sewing is a creative and enriching craft that anyone can do with the proper guidance, and we believe we have picked the best advice for you in these books. Try one out of these sewing books to find the best fit for your needs, and find a love of sewing that will last a lifetime.