Teach Young Children To Sew DVD Video


Teach Young Children to Sew DVD

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Not only will you learn how to teach children to sew, but also how to form competent little people who respect both people and things in this teaching system designed by teacher and author Winky Cherry. You will be introducing them to the joys of sewing, and also to a “method of learning” that can be used in all phases of their education. Levels progress from hand sewing to embroidery, doll-making, machine sewing, patchwork and quilting. Author and teacher Winky Cherry believes that children should learn to sew by hand before they learn to use a sewing machine. For ages 5 and up. Also available are book kits and teaching supplies for each of the six levels. (A companion manual is currently out of print.)



This one-hour video is for children, teachers, and parents. You can teach a 5 year old to sew! You can also teach 10-year-old children hand sewing skills they can use while babysitting. Parents will love you because you’ll also be teaching valuable “Life Skills” (manners, patience, following rules, coordination, responsibility, etc.).

If you are a parent who decides to teach your own child, use this video to help you with the instruction. If you are a teacher, you will see how a classroom is set up and how to interact with children.

The video is based on three parts
Part I – A sewing class with 5 – 9-year-olds.
Part II – A close-up, speeded-up segment of a child sewing a stuffed animal.
Part III – Winky helps you become a good teacher – all the tips you’ll need.


The theory behind this program is to start 5 year-olds sewing what they can handle and enjoy, and what you can safely and simply teach.

The book is broken down into three parts
Part I – Everything you need to know to teach a “My First Sewing” Series
Part II – The psychology of teaching children
Part III – The business of teaching children to sew.


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