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Finally, help to ensure that you are sewing on the correct measurement mark. Lines in multiple colors represent a seam allowance width measure for each color. Attach this label to your sewing machine and use the legend of colors that comes in the package to find the measure of sewing that you need. Place the edge of your fabric along that color line. So easy! Even experienced sewists find this a great help to stay in the same measure as they sew seams.

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Sewing With Color how tosThis is a product created by Puerto Rico-based Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor Ivonne Gutiérrez.  Her label works well for new and young sewists who do not know about measurements. Now they can sew by colors! You only have to tell him the color where to place the fabric.

This label comes with clear instructions on how to place it on your machine, or visit Ivonne’s website,, to watch the video (in Spanish).

This product sticks to your sewing machine. The first pink vertical line is to align it with the position of the needle. It is placed at the base of the “teeth” or “impellers” (“feed dogs”) of the plate of the machine. If any portion is on top of a coil cover, a cut is made with a thin knife instrument. Do not discard any portion, nor cut before placing it. Follow the recommended instructions for the best functionality of it. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR MACHINES WITH NEEDLE POSITION IN THE CENTER. 

This product has an Approved Patent. No. US 9,430,956 B2




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