Get together with other sewing enthusiasts to sew for 5 FULL DAYS! Work on anything you want! We’ll provide expert assistance and excellent fitting help. A remarkable opportunity!

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classroom at Fabrications in Michigan
student at Palmer/Pletsch sewing camp

Come Sew With Us at Sewing Camp!

Prerequisite: Palmer/Pletsch Fit Workshop or equivalent tissue-fitting experience.


Have you ever dreamed of getting together with other sewing enthusiasts to sew for five full days and to work on anything you want to create? You will get excellent fitting help. The goal of this “open sewing” class is to sew any garment you’d like help with. Demonstrations are given as needed or requested. Watch them only if you wish.

If you’ve had your colors done, bring your palette. 

The workshop includes lunches.

Michigan Palmer/Pletsch workshops are held at Fabrications Fabric Warehouse in Richland, Michigan near Kalamazoo.

Palmer/Pletsch Sewing Camp participants
Palmer/Pletsch Sewing Camp participant modeling her dress
Palmer/Pletsch Sewing Camp participant

The Palmer/Pletsch Books You’ll Want to Have

The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting book

The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting

With this guide to fitting you’ll learn all facets of bodice and skirt pattern fitting and alteration to give you the background and guidance needed to achieve a custom fit on any pattern from any company. Winner of the Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in the 2019 “Craft & Hobby, Home & Garden” book category. For specific fitting guidance for pants, see Pants for Real People, and for comprehensive fitting of jackets, see Jackets for Real People.

Palmer/Pletsch Knits for Real People book

Knits for Real People

Do you want fashionable, comfortable knit clothes? Sewing fashion knits is hot and it’s all new for the 21st century! Sue Neall, Pati Palmer, and Palmer/Pletsch instructors worldwide provide fitting and sewing how-tos for today’s modern knits, with hundreds of real people photos for illustration.

Pants for Real People book by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto

Pants for Real People

Forget the fitting shell! Toss the tape measure after taking just one measurement! Now, with just the hip measurement and the help of Pants for REAL People, by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto, women of all sizes, shapes, and ages can try on the tissue-paper pattern to see how to fit the pants they sew. Tissue-fitting, a technique devised and perfected by Palmer/Pletsch over three decades of hands-on teaching, has never before appeared in print for pants. 

Jackets for Real People

Use this book and ALL of your sewing will improve. For a minimal investment and a little time, you can have a designer jacket. Using the latest interfacings sew it Armani-style and achieve a custom fit no matter what your figure.


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