PerfectFuse Interfacing — TailorUltra — for Fashion Sewing


PerfectFuse TAILORultra

60″-wide rayon/polyester fusible weft interfacing

This weft interfacing has the hand of cashmere with a little gentle give in the crosswise direction making it very pliable and soft. As tailored jacket fabrics have become softer, lighter in weight, and drapier, this NEW PREMIUM QUALITY interfacing with its softer hand makes tailoring these fabrics EASIER.

Purchase 1-yard or 3-yard packages.


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  The resin system is unique in the world. You’ll never see it on the right side of the fabric and it won’t be stiff or boardy, making it ideal even on very fine woolens.
  It’s 60 inches wide, enough to fuse the full front on two jackets in most sizes
  Crosswise stretch is compatible with stretch wovens.
  Preshrink if you’re planning to wash the garment. If dry cleaning, preshrinking is not necessary.
  Fuse for 14-16 seconds in each spot.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 0.25 in

1 yard, 3 yards

Color - Black or White

Black, White


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