My First Quilt Book With Kit – Teach Children Quilting


My First Quilt Book — Machine Sewing

Second Edition by Winky Cherry

This book uses a quilt plan and machine sewing skills to make a pieced quilt with sashing strips and square blocks. The quilt is finished quickly by attaching the back of the quilt using the pillow-making process. The three layers of the quilt are held together with yarn ties so the quilt may be used over the period of time it will take the child to add quilting stitches by hand or machine.

This book is part of a kit which includes:
▪ Template
▪ Quilt Plans

This book and kit is the final one in the My First Sewing Book series.


This final book in the My First Sewing Book series is ideal for children who are old enough to sew on a machine and have had some machine experience. Building on the lessons of My First Machine Patchwork Book, young seamsters learn about quilt making. After picking a quilt plan, children learn how to color in their designs and how to shop for fabric at a store. This guide covers using a template, cutting and sewing patches together, assembling the parts, adding batting, and using ties or quilt stitches to create a child-sized 9-block quilt. This book is also ideal for adults who want to learn the very basics of quilting. The My First Quilt Book kit includes the book, five quilt plans, and a cardboard Four Patch template.Winky Cherry’s unique My First Sewing Book program teaches young children not only sewing skills, but life skills: responsibility, commitment, focus, patience, coordination, organization, and how to follow rules, all through the enjoyment of sewing. In six books, levels progress from simple hand sewing, embroidery, and doll making, to machine sewing, patchwork, and quilting. The three hand sewing books feature clever rhyming instructions for children as young as 5. The three machine sewing books are for children ages 7 and older. All six titles have simple, clearly-illustrated instructions. Each book builds on the previous books, and each book can stand alone.

For children ages 7 and up

40 PAGES, 8.5 X 8.5
ISBN 978-0935278-90-3


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Dimensions 12 × 11 × 0.25 in
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