Mend and Sew Help Kit

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These two books provide lots of sewing guidance for new sewists, or those wanting a refresher. The embroidery scissors are a bonus!

Mother Pletsch’s Painless Sewing
Book — Regularly $9.95

Hand Mending Made Easy
Book — Regularly $14.95

24-karat Gold Plated Embroidery Scissors from Italy
Regularly $14.95


The completely revised Mother Pletsch’s Painless Sewing by Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch is a lighthearted book for both beginners and those who want a sewing brush up… the most uncomplicated sewing book of the century! Learn to sew FAST, with professional-looking results. And with Pretty Pati’s Perfect Pattern Primer, you’ll find your clothes fit better than ever before, thanks to co author Pati Palmer, who also designs for The McCall Pattern Company as The Fit Expert. From selecting fabric to cutting, fitting, shaping, and those all-important details, you’ll love sewing, and you’ll love the results.

With Nan Ides’ Hand Mending Made Easy, you’ll see how easy it is to do your own mending–a skill that anyone old enough to hold a needle can learn to do. Save time and money by making simple repairs in minutes, instead of taking the garment to a tailor. Gain self-confidence by learning new skills that are simple and easy. If you already know how to sew and mend, this is the perfect gift for the non-sewer in your life.

The sewing and mending tool you’ll turn to all the time is this 24-karat Gold Plated Embroidery Scissors from Italy. Thirty years ago, Pati Palmer came across these wonderfully elegant scissors when she met the artisan in the Northern Italian Alps. Lion’s tail handles are 24k gold plated; blades are nickel-plated forged steel.

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