Marta’s Machine Embroidery Essentials


Marta’s Embroidery Essentials:
Learn Machine Embroidery DVD
Perfect Sew Wash-Away Fabric Stabliizer
24k gold-plated Italian Embroidery Scissors

Are you thinking of buying an embroidery machine? Do you own one, but rarely use it?
Did you buy an embroidery machine,  but haven’t taken the embroidery unit out of the box? Let Marta explain seven things that will simplify machine embroidery. Then use our Italian embroidery scissors and PerfectSew wash-away fabric stabilizer on your own embroidery projects.

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Marta Alto, machine embroidery expertLearn Machine Embroidery DVD

Marta Alto is our embroidery specialist, star of most of our Palmer/Pletsch videos,
co-author of the Fit for Real People sewing books, and a popular workshop instructor.


PerfectSew penetrates fabric to stiffen it for a multitude of sewing projects, including machine embroidery.

It is the only patented water-soluble product for penetrating fabric to stiffen it for sewing. Our new thicker solution provides maximum stabilization-greater stiffness in only one application.

Use this product for perfect stitches and no puckering on machine embroidery, appliqués, patchwork, heirloom sewing, rolled edge serging, bias sewing, and more. It stabilizes even the sheerest and stretchiest of fabrics. 

Italian Gold-Plated Embroidery Scissors

These wonderfully elegant scissors come from the Northern Italian Alps. Lion’s tail handles are 24k gold plated; blades are nickel-plated forged steel.

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