M7132 Patchwork Kimono Jacket Pattern


The inspiration for this open patchwork jacket came from a trip to Nashville, TN! I found an amazing vintage store with so many cool light weight kimono jackets and some patchwork inspiration that I loved. I decided to combine these ideas. This is such a fun and easy fitted style to make. This is the ultimate piece make a boring outfit; interesting, wear a monochromatic top and pant underneath this patchwork beauty!

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A brief look inside the guide sheet, we give you all this and more including how to tissue fit for each specific design!

Style Tips:

This design is all about the fabric choices. The key is to mix large and small-scale prints. Pick a brown and black (dark) color theme or cream and pastels (light and bright) theme for a more summery look. Decorative or straight top-stitching where the panels come together is a cool detail to add to a traditional patchwork design.

Sewing Tips:

1) When planning out your fabric placement I found it was helpful to cut a swatch of each fabric and staple it to the color map, then label the swatches: A, B, C and D according to your preferred placement. Also write the appropriate letter on all of your pattern pieces, and sort the same letters together before you cut! Believe me, even then I managed to cut out some pieces in the wrong print. Working with so many pieces can get confusing, so take your time.

2) When sewing the front facing and the neckline facing together at the shoulder, if the widths are not even, just trim to be even, this will look cleaner on the inside.

3) Under stitch your back neck facing to the seam allowance. This will make sure your back neck facing will roll to the inside of your kimono jacket.

4) Serge or seam bind inside seam allowances for this unstructured jacket for a clean inside.

5) When all finished there are a few little stitching extras that will secure your garment and make it look more professional;

  • Stitch in the ditch where of your shoulder seam, in doing so you will secure your front and back neck facing down.
  • Bar tack your sleeve cuff at top edge to keep it from flipping down at the inside/outside of sleeve.
  • I like long SPI (stitches per inch, about 5-6) for the bottom hem finishing.
  • Top stitch on either side of each connecting panel’s, about 1/8” on either side of seam. (this will hold down the seam allowance on the inside too!)
  • On the hem, try a blind hem stitch on your machine (but where you can see the stitch, it looks like a vertical stitch). This is really popular in fashion today. See image below for reference!

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