Learn Machine Embroidery DVD Video


Learn Machine Embroidery—
Machine Embroidery Made Easy with Marta Alto

Watch how to create perfect stabilizing, perfect hooping, perfect stitching, plus creative ideas for clothing, the home, children, and accessories.

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Are you thinking of buying an embroidery machine? Do you own one, but rarely use it?
Did you buy an embroidery machine, but haven’t taken the embroidery unit out of the box? Let Marta explain seven things that will simplify machine embroidery.

Here’s what you’ll find in this video::

A tour of machines — Overview of the machines plus a tour of the latest technologies with Brett Moore at Portland, Oregon’s Montevilla Sewing Center (which made us want to trade up!). Be sure to tour your local dealer!

Needles and threads—choices and characteristics – What needles to use. What makes it an “embroidery needle” and what other options do you have? All about embroidery threads—fibers, size, uses.

Stabilizers — Oh, the confusion! There are so many! Cut- away, tear-away, water-soluble, and melt-away—uses for each. Also, Marta’s secret favorite stabilizer most stores don’t sell.

Designs — Built into the machine; designs that come with the machine; designs to buy and use with your machine. Stitching out the designs for reference; making a notebook of stitched-out designs.

Test Samples — Why test? Size, color, stabilizer, density of design. Testing made easy. How to hoop. Specialty fabrics like knits and terry cloth. Special challenges: ready-mades and pattern pieces not large enough for the hoop, such as pockets.

Design Placement — On ready-mades, on fabric to be embroidered before cutting out the pattern pieces, and on a tablecloth. Avoiding seam allowances and mirroring designs.

Now Embroider! — Marta embroiders a child’s very small T-shirt. She shows the finished embroidery on a child’s taffeta dress, placing pattern on already embroidered fabric from the previous segment, and mega hoops.

Creative Ideas — Marta shows inspiring embroidered jackets, blouses, dresses, and home-dec items in the introduction. At the end are tips for embellishing a round tablecloth and a jacket lapel.

Marta Alto started experimenting with embroidery machines about 15 years ago when they were not nearly as user-friendly as they are today. She has taught machine embroidery workshops at the Palmer/Pletsch Sewing School in Portland, Oregon. She and other Palmer/Pletsch instructors have shared information over the years as machines have gotten more features. Many Palmer/ Pletsch books and DVDs feature Marta. She is well known for her no-nonsense teaching style.

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