Learn To Sew Complete Set: 4 DVDS + 2 Sewing Patterns


Learn to Sew Program – Complete Set

Four DVDs and Two Patterns

Palmer/Pletsch makes it easier than ever for people to learn fashion sewing. For over 15 years we’ve offered a workshop curriculum for teachers of beginning sewing, and now we’ve modified this exceptional program into a DVD home-study course for beginners who want to teach themselves how to sew. Learning to sew has never been easier. And if you have friends or family who don’t yet know how to sew, this is the program to give them!

INCLUDES FOUR DVDS AND TWO PATTERNS ($139.80 if purchased separately)

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Why did we choose the curriculum developed by Janet Corzatt? It works! We’ve watched Janet teach her four-level course to all ages in her weekly classes here in Portland. And we’ve seen her students succeed in becoming fashion-sewists, rather than frustrated sewing dropouts! Janet is approachable and methodical, not intimidating, and the sample notebook the students compile throughout the course gives them a reference point for future projects.

Janet’s series of four levels is geared toward the beginner, covering all the basics to help people start sewing on their own. Step-by-step pattern instructions go through the construction of an apron, a kimono-style robe, and two-piece pajamas. The course also teaches how to sew zippers, elastic, buttonholes, and much more. Just think of the possibilities! This course helps anyone become a Real Sewist!

Here’s what Janet’s students say: “We learn the sewing techniques that enable us to sew what we want to sew. We learn skills, not just projects. The sample notebook we create helps us understand ‘sewing language’ when we work with patterns, and then we see how those skills are applied to real garments.”

Length of Program:  Each class is approximately 12 hours, including watching the DVD, sample making for the notebook, and sewing the project. The complete four-level course can be completed in approximately 48 hours. (This can vary depending on your skill.)

About Janet Corzatt: Janet Corzatt has been teaching beginners to sew since 1996. Her background in education plus many years’ experience in the fabric and sewing industry have come together in a sewing curriculum that will enlighten and inspire. An excellent teacher, Janet always gives you the hows and whys. Since 2000 she has also been training sewing teachers from around the world in how to use her sewing program to teach beginning sewing enthusiasts. And even these already-skilled sewists learn new methods from Janet. The techniques you learn here will open up the world of sewing and get you started on your way to expressing your own creativity through your newfound skills.

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