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Hand Mending Made Easy

It’s EASY to save money and time, quickly mend a ripped seam, easily fix a hem. Sew on a button? No problem. Five minute repairs!

Author Nan L. Ides brings you this book written specifically for the non-sewer.

See how easy it is to do your own mending–a skill that anyone old enough to hold a needle can learn to do.

Save time and money by making simple repairs in minutes, instead of taking the garment to a tailor.

Gain self-confidence by learning new skills that are simple and easy.

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Students, single men, stay-at-home moms trying to save money and fix their kids’ clothes, busy professionals anywhere, this book is for you. It’s for Scout leaders helping Scouts earn their sewing badge. And it’s a great gift for kids leaving the nest or creating their own.

You CAN sew, even if you never have! Nan Ides covers basics from threading a needle to sewing on buttons, repairing seams, fixing hems, pressing pants, and more.

Here’s the perfect book for the non-sewers in your life.

Do friends and family ask you to sew on buttons or mend garments? Hand Mending Made Easy is the perfect gift to give to them.

Do you have friends afraid to touch a needle and thread? Suggest they start with the basics covered in this book.

Want to have a quilting party, but have friends who really don’t know the basics of hand sewing? Use this book to teach them the basics.

Crafters, have you ever read directions for your projects that include some basic sewing, but no directions are given? Hand Mending Made Easy is the perfect book to accompany your crafting directions.

Table of Contents

Supplies for Hand Mending
How Much Money Can You Really Save?
Getting Started: Threading a Needle
Knotting the Thread
Stitching Basics
Buttons, Buttonholes, Snaps,
Hooks and Eyes, Frogs, Zippers
Skirt, Pants, Extra-wide/narrow hems
Leather pants, skirts, or jackets
Fused hems, Emergency Hem Fixing, Curtains
Fixing Ripped Seams & Holes
Ripped Seam (including a crotch seam)
Fixing Pockets and Linings
Replacing Elastic
Fixing Snags in Sweaters
Ironing & Pressing Tips
Easy Sewing Fashion Tips
Some Final Encouragement and
Extra Little Hints to Help You Along
When Not to Try to Mend Your Garment

ISBN 978-0-935278-74-3

7.5″ x 9″  80 pages

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nan L. Ides comes from a family who always sewed. Growing up there was always a sewing box and sewing machine threaded and ready for use in her home. Being petite, she always had to hem or shorten her clothes and, sometimes, it was just easier to make her own clothes. Her passion for sewing led her to study with some nationally-known designers and sewing instructors.

Ides was shocked when she became aware of how much others paid for simple mending jobs, such as replacing a button or hemming a garment.

Her teaching experience began when people asked her to sew on a button for them or fix a simple ripped seam. Instead, Ides would respond, “I’ll charge you $10.00 to sew on the button, or I’ll teach you how to do it for free!” She now teaches hand mending through several local community organizations in the Philadelphia, PA area. In the beginning, Ides created handouts and pamphlets, demonstrating what was being taught in each class. From this came the idea for a book. With some wonderful photography and illustrations, Hand Mending Made Easy: Save Time and Money Repairing Your Own Clothes was created.

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