CSI Application or Renewal – One Year


AFTER you have taken EITHER Fit, or Pant Fitting & Sewing PLUS its teacher training, OR the Beginning Fashion Sewing Teacher Training workshop, you qualify to apply to be a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor.

After applying, to maintain your certification, each year you will need to earn 100 points called PDUs, Professional Development Units, in order to renew your certification. Taking additional workshops qualify for points as well, 50 for 5-day workshops, 40 for 4-day workshops, and 20 for 2-day mini workshops. We will also give you a list of the things you can do to earn PDUs, all of which will help you improve your business (a list can be found in the application/renewal form). This program is designed as a continuing education program so you can constantly better yourself and your skills.






1) We promote you internationally on our website as a CSI and you will be listed, with city, phone number, and e-mail address, on the Palmer/Pletsch website so students can find you. If you have a website, we can list that, too. You may also provide a photo that will be included on the website above your listing. To see our teacher listing, go to the “Find A Teacher” page.

2) Once certified, you are authorized to promote yourself as a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor and we will promote you nationally as a teacher certified in the Palmer/Pletsch System of Sewing.™

3) You can order ALL Palmer/Pletsch products at wholesale!

4) ZOOM meetings throughout the year with Pati Palmer and fellow CSIs create opportunities for updates and sharing.


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