My First Sewing Books and kit contents

The Winky Cherry System of Teaching Young Children to Sew

These “My First” books and videos teach children sewing plus social and growth skills. Levels progress from hand sewing to embroidery and machine sewing. Author and teacher Winky Cherry believes that children should learn to sew by hand before they learn to use a sewing machine. Hand sewing skills develop finger dexterity and teach the values of patience and practice.This series of books starts boys and girls as young as five.

Each kit includes materials to complete one or more projects.

The six books are packaged as kits with the key materials for one or more projects and shopping lists for simple sewing supplies. Along with the teaching manual and DVD, they offer a complete, thoroughly tested sewing program for children ages 5 to 11 who will learn patience, manners, creativity, completion, and how to follow rules…all through the enjoyment of sewing. Each book follows a project from start to finish with clever rhymes and clear illustrations. My First Sewing Book is also available as a DVD.

“The children’s delight in learning to sew with these books has amazed me. I volunteered in classrooms for years and I loved watching those hyper young boys just settle in with a focus on stitching. I hope my legacy will be boys and girls I’ve taught, who will one day pass the skill on to others.”

~ Judy Shubin, Penngrove, California