medium sewing interfacingOur line of Perfect Fuse interfacing is best for fashion sewing because it was developed by sewers for sewers!


Experts on Interfacings – Helped Invent for Home Sewers

Pati Palmer developed the Perfect Fuse line by working directly with the manufacturer. In the late 1960s, she used to work for the largest US interfacing company at a time when fusible types for home sewing were just being invented.

Her job was to educate on how to apply it properly and answer questions such as “What is Interfacing in Sewing?”.   The company continued to create all types of products through the years until it found there were too many to keep track of, occasionally inconsistent quality in the same product and too narrow widths for most fashion sewers needs. Many had no instructions for use and stores had to carry dozens of products which for a small fabric sewing store is hard.

Why Perfect Fuse Fusible is best for Fashion Sewing

We chose four weights – Sheer, Light, Medium and Tailor Ultra,  of weft interfacings for our line of because they add body, but remain soft and the fusing agent doesn’t show through the fabric.

PerfectFuse is quite wide at 60″ and 66″ wide as compared to the majority of products available in retail stores that are only 22″wide. Because they are up to three times 3 X as wide, they are a better value than a yard of the narrower widths even though the apparent price is higher. Additionally, they allow for better placement of pattern pieces for block fusing.

Types of Interfacing for Sewing:

  1. Woven fusible
  2. Knit
  3. Non-woven – Pellon
  4. Weft

The very first types were woven, non-woven, and knit.  Then along came technology that combined knit and wovens into a new fabric called weft.  Pellon brand, which are non-woven, can be somewhat stiff depending on their weight and not comfortable for garment construction.  Additionally often you will find that these types can pill after washing and sometimes the glue shows through the fabric – a real fashion on-no.   Some high-quality non-wovens do that a place in sewing projects such as the Palmer Pletsch method, uses medium weight Pellon,  for perfect double welt pocket techniques and for handbags.