invest in your future with our teacher training programs & teacher resources.

Palmer/Pletsch has long been committed to teaching sewing, and to teach others to become successful sewing teachers. We love helping others go into the business of teaching sewing through our teacher training programs, seminars for teachers, and other teacher resources.

Palmer/Pletsch Teacher Training Classes

Teacher training comes in several formats depending on the topic. It is designed to give you the professional tools and confidence to begin teaching the subject you were trained in. You will also be able to benefit by using the Palmer/Pletsch name and reputation to help build your classes and network with hundreds of Palmer/Pletsch instructors worldwide. Plus, it will qualify you to apply to be a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor. It is advisable to read the book The Business of Teaching Sewing before you arrive so you will be able to ask questions about anything you need more information on. The book was written based on over 40 years of teaching all kinds of classes including traveling seminars.

Are you a sewing teacher? Here are some Palmer/Pletsch Products and Resources for teaching!

What's Next? Becoming a Certified Palmer/Pletsch Instructor!

AFTER you have taken EITHER Fit, Pant Fitting & Sewing, Tailoring OR Master your Serger at Home, PLUS its teacher training, OR the Beginning Fashion Sewing Teacher Training workshop, you qualify to apply to be a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor.

Your contact info will then be in the teacher listing on our website as a Certified Sewing Instructor.

Once certified, you are authorized to promote yourself as a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor and we will promote you nationally as a teacher certified in the Palmer/Pletsch System of Sewing.

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Students of the Palmer/Pletsch workshops who also take teacher training are one of our most valuable assets. They return to their homes around the world, ready to teach the Palmer/Pletsch system of sewing. The Update newsletter is a way for our teachers to share their news and for Pati Palmer to share teacher-related news from Palmer/Pletsch. Up through 2016 these were done as PDFs. Links to some of those older newsletters are below. Beginning in 2017 the newsletters were sent as informational emails to our teacher mailing list. If you have taken teacher training from Palmer/Pletsch and would like to be on the list, send an email to